Fast Digital Video Performance with DLP Projectors

Fastest digital video performance with 16 microsecond response time

Fast Digital Video

  • Designed for high speed action and clear fast-moving content
  • 16 microsecond response time
  • 120 Hz refresh rates
  • Eliminates ghosting (seeing two images) effect
  • Digital on/off

The DLP chip has an unparalleled 16 microsecond response time, giving users precise, razor-sharp images. Imagine millions of tiny mirrors switching on and off more times than the speed of light. With such a high switching speed, DLP is able to deliver a precise, razor-sharp picture with no lag time between frames.

DLP Advantages - Fast Digital Video Performance

High speed action with 120 Hz refresh rate

DLP technology is specifically designed for high-speed action and easily supports up to 120 Hz refresh rates without any ghosting artifacts. Movies, games, and fast-paced educational content are experienced in crisp, vivid detail regardless of the speed of action.

For fast digital video performance make sure your projectors are powered with DLP technology. Another reason DLP is the world's leading projection technology.

DLP Projection Advantages - Fast Digital Video Performance