Award Winning DLP Cinema®

Based on award winning DLP Cinema

DLP Cinema Technology

  • Based on award winning DLP Cinema technology
  • Industry standard for color accuracy
  • Trusted by Hollywood filmmakers
  • Engineering from DLP Cinema to education, business and home

DLP Cinema has been the leading technology in the cinema industry since the release of the first all-digital motion picture in 1999. For the DLP team, introducing the best possible technologies to the education, corporate, and home theater markets with such innovations as BrilliantColor™ and SmartSource 3D™ was as successful as a blockbuster movie.

DLP Advantages - DLP Cinema Technology

Used by Hollywood filmmakers

With a DLP powered projector, you have in your hands similar technology that you see on nearly every movie theatre screen worldwide. Recognized in 2009 by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.®) as the industry standard for color accuracy, it's the #1 choice for exhibitors worldwide, post production houses and 3D technology manufacturers.

If DLP technology is good enough for Hollywood's filmmakers, it's definitely good enough for any boardroom or classroom. Another reason DLP is the world's leading projection technology.

DLP Projection Advantages - DLP Cinema Technology