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The world's leader in projection display technology

DLP technology from Texas Instruments is one of the most versatile display technologies in the world. Projection display, once relegated to classrooms and boardrooms, is now playing a starring role in realm of all kinds of display thanks to the incredibly flexible semiconductor known as the DLP chip.

Building on its history of superior display imaging, the DLP chip is driving new intelligent applications across industries such as medical, industrial, security and even automotive. As a result, this DLP enabled intelligent display is solving real business problems and creating new experiences and capabilities for consumers, developers, and businesses alike.

DLP technology is still the technology of choice for traditional display applications as well. From the world’s largest digital cinema screens, to 3D classroom projectors bringing science and math content to life to hand-held mobile content projected from your cell phone, the stunning display enabled by DLP projection technology remains the best choice for your viewing experience.

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DLP Technology
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